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Welcome to the Sola Virtus Observatory Meteorological Station

The weather station, an extension of the Sola Virtus Astronomical Observatory, became fully operational in December 2006. It is located in the village of Norrisville in the extreme northwest corner of Harford County, MD. This station is a member and supporter of CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) and CWOP-snow

CWOP is a public-private partnership with three main goals: 1) to collect weather data contributed by citizens; 2) to make these data available for weather services and homeland security; and 3) to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality. In fact, the web address,, stands for weather quality assurance. Many thanks go to Phillip Gladstone for his dedication to the CWOP program.

The Observatory and Weather Station gather weather data consisting of barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed & direction, wind chill, precipitation, lightning activity, u.v. and solar radiation and soil conditions.  A Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station along with a Davis Soil Station and Wireless Envoy logs all weather data and uploads the information using WeatherLink 6.03 software to the Citizen Weather Observer Program and CWOP-Snow thru the APRSWXNET  Data can be viewed at FindU Weather Panel using Station ID# CW6888 and at  CWOP Information Quality Controls which produces a visualization of data analysis and accuracy after it has passed thru Madis and before it is sent to agencies such as NOAA including NOAA's National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center, where it is made available to forecaster's, pilots and the general public. The weather station sends data to the Weather Underground using the Station ID# KMDWHITE7. The weather station using © SVO WEATHER software also monitors dew point, humidity and temperature inside the Sola Virtus Observatory  as well as wind speed, cloud cover and precipitation via a Davis Wireless Envoy and uploaded using Virtual Weather.

Location Terrain
Hilltop, Level, Woodland, Farmland
225 Meters/ 738 ft.
NWS-MADIS Station                         

CoCoRaHS Station
Weather Underground Station          

APRS Station

PWS Weather Station

Met Office WOW Station

Weathercloud Station

ACON JHU Applied Physics Lab
Weather Equipment
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus w/ UV & Solar
Davis Vantage Pro2 Modified ISS & FARS
Davis Vantage Vue Mobile Unit
Davis Soil Station w/ Soil/Grass/Leaf Sensors
Davis Vantage Vue Backup Station
Heated Precipitation Collectors
Si-Tex Nav-Fax 200 Receiver
JRC 2000 Radar
S-Pipe Aspirated Radiation Shield
Boltek Lightning Detector
Bearcat BCT15X Scanners
Reecom Weather Radio
MicroTim Barometric Altimeter
Fischer 103PM Precision Barometer
CoCoRaHS 4" Rain/Snow Gauge
CoCoRaHS Hail Pad
CoCoRaHS ET Gauge
Snow Board & Snow Weighing Scale
Boltwood Cloud Sensor
Unihedron Sky Quaility Meter
DIY Radio Telescope
Dell Vostro Dual Core 3GHz
Dell Inspiron 3000 1 TB
Dell 5000 Vehicle Mounted PC
G2 TB External Hard Drive
CyberPower UPS Systems
DIY Cloud Height Sensor
1 Wire Lightning Strike Counter
Mounting Specifications              
Anemometer #1  Height  33 ft.
Anemometer #2  Height  25 ft.  
ISS Unit #1     Height    5 ft.
ISS Unit #2     Height    6 ft.
Weatherlink 6.03, Virtual Weather v15.00, StormLab, GRLevel3, Cumulus
SVO Weather Program, WXSPOT, NexStorm, Wasp2, Image Salsa, Fling
Weather Cams                              
MicroSeven M7B57 HD (3)
Axis 221
Foscam F18905






Sola Virtus Observatory
Snowfall Totals: 

03.10.24             0.1"

02.17.24             4.5"

02.14.24             1.7"

02.13.24             1.3"

01.19.24             4.9"

01.16.24             6.9"

01.07.24             1.6"

12.12.23             0.2"

12.11.23             0.7"

03.14.23             0.7"

01.25.23             0.4"

04.19.22             T"

03.26.22             0.1"

03.12.22             4.7"

03.10.22             0.9"

02.14.22             3.6"

01.29.22             3.2"

01.21.22             0.2"

01.18.22             0.2"

01.17.22             3.4"

01.07.22             5.7"

12.27.21             0.8"

02.27.21             0.5"

02.22.21             4.1">

02.19.21             0.4"

02.18.21             10.3"

02.12.21             0.5"

02.11.21             5.3"

02.07.21             3.4"

02.05.21             0.3"

02.03.21             0.7"

02.02.21             3.9"

02.01.21             6.1"

01.26.21             1.0"



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